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HTML 5, CSS 3 & Javascript
Beginner to a highly skilled Front End web developer that companies love to hire.
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The Complete Web Development Course (In Tamil) - Learn HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript

This course takes you from a beginner to a complete web developer in the fastest possible time.
The best part?
This course is taught in Tamil.
"No 1 Professional Frontend Development Course"
By taking this course at Kamal Technologies, you're taking a career-defining action.
Pay just in Hundreds,
Save in Thousands,
Start Earning in Lakhs!
In this course, you will build 15 projects, prepare your resume, practice interview questions and start attending interviews.
Join 3787 other students by joining this course and start advancing your career.

Who Can Take This Course?

  • Would you like to learn to create amazing websites?
  • Are you looking out for the sure shot way to land your dream job?
  • Do you want earn a great salary in today's competitive IT world?
Then this course is for you.
Yes, YOU !

This is a very beginner-friendly course. You will learn from the very basics, to the intermediate topics till the advanced concepts.

The web development industry is HUGE. And it is only getting bigger and better.
As per Stackoverflow's recent survey, there are around 18.2 million open web developer positions available for the right candidates.

The question is:
How do you get skilled to to land your dream job position?
Well, that is the reason we created this complete web development course. To help you become the best web developer you can be.

But you might have a problem in achieving your goals?
It is YOU.
You may never act. So, it means your goals will remain the same, you may not actually achieve it.

I will tell you a little secret. But this course now and start learning right away. Don't overthink, don't postpone, don't find excuses.

Do you know that if you start this course right away, you will become a HTML master in just 2 hours?
You will become a great web developer within a month.
Remember, a month from now, you will feel you could have started today.

Start today. Start right now.

What Will You Learn & Build?

  • Course Introduction
  • HTML Basics
  • CSS Basics 
  • Mini Project - Navigation Menu
  • Mini Project - Form Styling
  • Mini Project - Form Challenge
  • Complete Project - Corporate Website
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Mini Project - Responsive Corporate Wesbite
  • Flexbox Basics
  • Mini Project - E-commerce Product Page
  • Mini Project - Web Page Layout
  • Javascript Fundamentals
  • Control Flow
  • Array Methods
  • Functions
  • Objects
  • Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Mini Project - Dynamic Colors
  • Mini Project - Image Slider
  • Timers, Storage, Date
  • Mini Project - Modal Popup
  • Mini Project - Countdown Timer
  • Mini Project - Todos List
  • Asynchronous Javascript
  • Mini Project - Random Quote Generator
  • Complete Project - Harry Potter Characters: Search & Filter
  • Complete Project - Infinite Scroll News Feed

Course Motto

To help you become an excellent web developer at the lowest cost in the shortest time possible.

What is Kamal Technologies?

Kamal Technologies is the best software training institute, having helped hundreds of students and professionals become great web developers, achieve their career goals, irrespective of the background and education.

If you set your mind on to become a web developer, Kamal Technologies is the best place for you. :)

We are rated 5 stars on Google :)
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What Makes Kamal Technologies the BEST?

  1. Trustworthy - We Never Post Fake/Fraud Reviews Online
    Do you know people can post innumerable number of fake positive reviews to show themselves in a positive light? As a prospective student,  you may read and believe those without any proper validation?At Kamal Technologies, we never indulge in this activity. You can trust us. 
    We are here to help you, not to sell to you.
  2. Mini-Projects & Complete Projects Galore
    You will create more than 10 projects, from the scratch. You will build each project yourself, knowing each step of the process. You would have become a self-confident web developer, who can develop any website of your choice.
    "We don't ask you to practice, we make you practice in this course"
  3. 100% Success Rate - We Focus on Each & Every Student
    For us, every student has benefit 100% from the course. We want you to succeed and achieve.
    We have developed this course from a student’s standpoint. We care about your learning experience, hence we have made this course as easy as possible.
  4. Learn in Tamil - Language Not a Barrier to Learn
    You can learn like you learn from your nearby friend, in your own language. You just have to take course and complete it, no need to worry about anything else at all.

A Perfect Course Path to Success

Featured Reviews on Google

I have taken Angular4 course from Kamal technologies and I feel very confident in doing the projects with angular4. I would definitely recommend Kamal technologies.
Swathi Nagaraj
Excellent training. Trainer has depth knowledge in the concepts. Flexible timings. Value for money. Good place to learn any web and mobile technologies.
Arun Prabu
Training by industry experts with real time project. Had great time building my B.E final year project on Progressive App with help of the trainer
Rakesh Kanagaraj
I joined React course at Kamal Technologies and it was truly worth the fees. I recommend this institute.
Dhivya Ravichandran
Im currently taking react js course via online training, each and every class is very practical and detailed.
Akshaya Rajagopalan
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What Stops You From Succeeding

  1. You plan to learn web development. You Google online for some training institutes. You are blinded with so many fake, self-posted positive reviews online. You decide to approach a training institute.
  2. At that institute, you are brainwashed with words like MNCs, job placements, great demand and so on.
  3. Then comes the money part. The fees is quoted as 25000 Rs. And they say “If you join right now in a batch, we will give a discount of 1000 Rs, only for you”.
  4. They convince with unknown statistics, non-existent trainers, unlimited lab, course certificate’s value etc. You get convinced and want to give it a try, bearing the huge cost.
  5. You pay the fees and join the course. You have successfully been converted into a lamb.
  6. Then starts the comedy and the tragedy. The training offered is crap. A person called trainer, teaches things that he has learnt recently from a youtube video. As classes continue, you start to understand the scam and the sham. 
  7. You ask for a different trainer. You ask for fees refund. But hey, their part of the job is done.
  8. After 25 days, you get a course certificate with your name on it. Something to show off as a proof.
  9. Will any company be willing to recruit you? Do you think this training has helped you, other than waste your money?
Hundreds of students waste thousands of rupees, falling for the same scam again and again. 
A student’s desperation is well tapped by the software training industry.
With this course at 999 Rs, we have stopped this plight, one for all. of students and professionals now. Welcome to Kamal Technologies, where you gain real-world skills and become a solid web developer that creates amazing websites.

Start Learning To Start Succeeding

Do you know the story of the Batman? Even if not, read on.

Batman and Bane get into a fight early on. Bane is too strong and evil. He thrashes the Batman black and blue, breaks him physically and psychologically. He then jails him in a deep well.

As a process of coming back, the first thing Batman does is to build himself. He starts exercising in jail. He takes all the pain, and starts building himself back.

He doesn’t rely on anybody else. He doesn’t wait for the right time. He doesn’t expect anybody else to rescue it. He escapes and fights the Bane again, this time beating him.

If you want a great career, you have to build you skills. Just like the Batman.

No matter your circumstances. No matter your situation. You got to act first and start creating your career.

This course offers you Batman-like skills in web development field.

At the end of the course, you will be the Batman. All you need to do is to prove it to the world - with your project-building skills.
  1. This course is taught in Tamil. So, you're learning from a friend, not a trainer from a foreign land.
  2. The course fees is 999 RS. Not 5 digits. Not even 4 digits. It is just 3 digits.
    -> Pay in hundreds, Save in thousands, Earn in Lakhs. The sky is the limit.
  3. The syllabus it made for you to learn and build projects. You will get practical skills by creating several mini projects and complete projects in the course.
  4. By the end of the course, you will be a confident and super smart web developer with real-world skills to take on the world.
This course is value for money and to the point. You can preview the first two sections for FREE, without even having to sign up. So you can know how the training would be, before taking the course.

Unique Step-By-Step Approach

After helping hundreds of students to get placed and advance their careers, we have a concrete learning model that could help each and every student to the maximum.

  1. You will first start from the web fundamentals - learning what is web and web development, and how does HTML, CSS and Javascript help to build websites.
  2. You will have your development environment setup. From the beginning.
  3. You will start with the basics of HTML 5 - Learning one topic by video, step-by-step.
  4. You would have created several HTML documents by the end of HTML Basics section. Getting hands-on experience is the goal here.
  5. Next you will start adding CSS styles to your HTML web pages
  6. You will learn how HTML and CSS go hand-in-hand to create amazing web pages.
  7. After covering HTML and CSS Basics, you will start creating your mini projects. Creating parts of web pages separately.
  8. You will then create a complete website with HTML  and CSS sections. You will gain confidence by creating things. That is exactly what you'll achieve here.
  9. Next, you will start learning about the CSS Flexbox concepts. This is one of the modern and latest topics in CSS. You will learn the basics of Flexbox.
  10. Next, you will start creating mini projects using Flexbox, understanding how Flexbox makes things easy and simple to develop.
  11. You will create a complete web page using CSS Flexbox concepts.
  12. After completing HTML and CSS, you start with Javascript - the most popular web language in the world today. You will start understanding how Jacascript works with HTML and CSS put together.
  13. Javascript DOM Manipulation and event handling are here to make websites dynamic and amazing.
  14. You will create mini projects using Javascript along with HTML and CSS
  15. You with start with the HTTP requests and how to make them. How to handle HTTP responses and make the sense more lively and dynamic.
  16. Create a complete web application using all the concepts learnt till now - HTML, CSS and Javascript. You would have become a confident web developer to take on the world.
  17. You will start deploying your websites and web pages for free. How to create a portfolio of your projects and use it in your interviews.
  18. You're a successful and smart web front end developer.

We Are Rated 5 Stars on Google!

Kamal Technologies is the best software training institute. Our students prove it on Google reviews.
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Course Description

This course is for both beginners and seasoned developers who want to learn how to build responsive websites and user interfaces with modern HTML 5 and CSS 3 technologies like Flexbox. This course includes about the web development basics, picking color codes, choosing images and icons, 3rd party font families, creating project structure - the level of details to help an absolute beginner is to the core.

The first few sections are created for absolute beginners so even if you have never built anything before, you will learn all of the basics. If you already have knowledge/experience with basic HTML & CSS, just start with the mini projects and complete projects available in the course.

The course can be completed at one's one time. But as a suggestion, we recommend you to spend 2 hours per day for 30 days to cover the course. Consistently learning everyday appears to be a lot better than trying to cram the entire course as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the topics I will learn in this course?

You will learn the fundamentals of front end web development - HTML 5, CSS 3 and Javascript.

How can I buy and access the course?

1. Click on "Buy Now" button and enter your email address.
2. After paying, you will get an email with a link to set your password.
3. Use the link and set a password.
4. Then, use the email address and the password to log in at and start learning 

In which language this course is taught?

This course is taught in Tamil. Enjoy learning in Tamil. :) 
We are proud to have created this course in local language.

What are the advantages of taking this course?

  • Kamal Technologies offers the best quality training course to help students and professionals learn some solid skills.
  • Beginner friendly training. The course is like a friend teaching to you in your own language (Tamil).
  • NO FAKE/FRAUD reviews online. We don't post reviews for ourselves to project us in a positive light.
  • Training in Tamil. Nothing more to say.
  • Beginner to master developer course - All topics covered are latest and modern, making you an employer's asset.

Who can take this course?

Anybody who wants to learn web development in the best possible way in Tamil at the lowest cost, they can take this course. For example:

  • 10th standard student
  • College student
  • Recent graduate trying to get his/her first job (Fresher)
  • Professional working in different domain, trying to get into IT industry.
  • Working IT professional, trying to upgrade skills
  • A freelancer trying to take on freelance gigs
  • House wife trying to make a comeback into the IT industry
  • A retired person who wants to learn newer stuff in software development
If you are interested to learn web development, you can take this course.

What are the goals of this course?

  • To make you an excellent web developer
  • To able you crack the technical interviews
  • To get your dream job position.
  • To help you make money several times this course's fees.

What are the requirements/prerequisites to take this course?

  • No prior knowledge/experience/skills required to take this course
  • A PC/laptop of your choice
  • An open mind with determination to complete the course should help

What to do in case of doubts / clarifications required?

Three solutions
  1. First try getting some help online in Stackoverflow or Google.
  2. You can post a comment under the particular topic video.
  3. You have a chat option to reach directly inside the course - for instant connect 

Can I have a demo of this course?

The first 3 sections sections are free to preview. Even without creating an account.
Please take those videos/topics. If you enjoy learning those basic topics, you can buy the course.

What is the cost of this course?

The cost of the course is 999 Rs only.
When compared to any other training institute's fees, you are saving thousands of rupees.

I have more questions to ask. Whom to contact?

Please email to for more queries or doubts regarding the course.